Georgia Nejak Kraff author of Fireflies in a Jar
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Fireflies in a Jar

Fireflies in a Jar – A Milltown Reverie” chronicles life in a steel mill town as seen through the eyes of a child of the 1950’s. ISBN-13: 978-0988178809

Author Georgia Nejak Kraff

Georgia Nejak Kraff was born on September 9, 1947. Georgia and her younger brothers grew up on Chicago’s Southeast Side while the steel mills were in operation.

Georgia currently lives in Roswell, GA. She is passionate about leaving the world a better place for her granddaughters and all future generations. She would love to see an end to global warming, war, and corporate greed. She realizes that these hopes are ambitious but, she sincerely believes ...not impossible.


Georgia's op/eds and letters have been published in The New York Times, the Raleigh, N.C. News and Observer, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Her humor pieces have appeared in Inside Gwinnett Magazine and various literary anthologies. Her first book, “Fireflies in a Jar – a Milltown Reverie.” was recently published and chronicles life on Chicago’s Southeast Side in the industrial years as seen first through the eyes of a child, and later as an adult returning home.


Georgia creates Steampunk jewelry, does mixed media art, and enhances vintage windows. Visit her blog to see and learn more.


Georgia moved to the Deep South and realized that the death of the steel industry that devastated her home town was mirrored in the closing of the textile mills in her new home. She became a vocal proponent of the middle class, and its contribution to what was once the manufacturing backbone of America. Recalling the pollution that her hometown had endured, and researching the environmental devastation caused by a lack of regulation she also became a vocal proponent of reining in the policies of industry.

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WRAPPED IN STEEL - The Story of the Neighborhoods of Southeast Chicago

Wrapped In Steel is the documentary story of the neighborhoods of South East Chicago. Produced and Directed by James R (Jim) Martin. Cinematography Michael Goi. Wrapped In Steel looks at this ethnically and racially diverse area composed of four neighborhoods situated next the the steel mills that have begun to be shut down by corporate interests. Seen nationally on PBS. Winner Best Network documentary Chicago Film Festival. Emmy Nominee. © 1984 James R Martin - 90 min. Sponsored by Illinois Humanities Council, National Endowment for the Humanities and Columbia College Chicago - J R Martin Media Inc

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Jim Martin for permission to embed Wrapped in Steel video above.

Robert Koehler Award Winning peace writer and author of “Courage Grows Strong at the Wound.”

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